Thomas Falk

For more than 15 years now I have been helping senior executives at some of the world’s leading companies around the globe to successfully implement fundamental changes to their business. These changes include corporate strategy, repositioning, branding, business process reengineering, restructuring, and performance management.

I have a strong passion for connecting people with strategic change. There is one key learning I had from the many years in dealing with complex change: Change starts with helping people to understand the why, what and how of the change. And this understanding needs to be established at the very top of the organization first.

My specialties include:

  • Creating shared understanding, and organization-wide people engagement and strategic alignment
  • Translating complex strategic content and context into understanding, commitment, action and advocacy
  • Helping senior executives gain clarity and buy-in concerning strategic programs.

Back in 2007, I founded Xallax AG (Hamburg/Germany), which I own and lead. Our core business evolves around aligning and engaging people in strategy and change.

Before founding Xallax, I worked at Root Inc. in the USA.
I also worked at Deutsche Bank in Germany and Hungary. After completing my undergraduate degree in banking, I held various positions in the corporate and investment banking businesses of the firm at a national and international level. I was also responsible for strategic, group-wide knowledge management.

I received my MBA at Ashridge Business School/The City University London (UK) and I live in Hamburg (Germany).