European-wide Strategy Communication Projects at DB Cargo (previously DB Schenker Rail)

DB Cargo with entities across Europe redesigned its strategy that involved major changes, for instance regarding its governance, decision making and business processes, for all of these entities. The company knew from the beginning that without their combined effort of their 30,000 people they wouldn’t succeed.

One of the key tasks to implementing the strategy therefore was to creating engagement and alignment across the European workforce.  In order to accomplish this they needed a strategy communication that is fast, easy to understand, consistent, and that changes mindsets and behaviors.

Aligning employees with the organization’s strategic goals and engaging them in the strategy has become increasingly important as organizations

  • Need to promote employee attraction and retention
  • Increase productivity and customer satisfaction
  • Need to accelerate the speed of implementation, and
  • Ensure consistency and discipline in execution.

This requires that employees have a shared understanding about the organization’s strategic direction. In this sense powerful strategy communication needs to provide the bigger picture and it needs to connect the dots for everyone within the organization. This way everyone has a clear line of sight from the marketplace changes to the strategic direction of the firm and its value proposition, to the business processes and to required skills, mindsets and behaviors to deliver.

The article (in German) outlines the related projects and solutions we have delivered for DB Cargo.

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