Our core methodology is extremely powerful when it comes to creating high levels of people engagement and strategic alignment.

It consists of the following key elements:

  • Visual
    • A table-sized visual depicts the various aspects of the change and the overall change as a story (usually a metaphor)
    • It helps people to quickly understand what the change is about (the big picture) and accelerates making logical connections, e.g. from marketplace changes to the strategy, customer value proposition and business processes
    • It helps people to build the same meaning
  • Dialog in Small Groups (6-10 participants)
    • Socratic dialog in small groups guided by a facilitator empowers people to come to conclusions about key business questions by themselves – in effect these are the conclusions of the management team when they defined the change.
    • In this dialog, people share, examine, challenge and change their assumptions.
    • When people change their assumptions and conclusions, they will change their mindset, behavior and actions
    • It is best done in mixed groups, i.e. participants from different functions, teams, levels, etc.
  • Data
    • People change their assumptions, opinions and behavioral patterns when confronted with incontrovertible and understandable facts
    • The use of real market and corporate data ensures that conclusions are based on facts, not subjective assumptions.