Development Process

The implementation of a solution can take anywhere from six weeks to about five months, depending on the complexity, availability of information about the change and the desired degree of customization involved in the solution.

The project starts with the collection and consolidation of data and information with company experts, usually at the upper management level. This content provides the basis for the solutions we develop.

We structure our solution using learning objectives, which we develop together with the customer’s “steering team”.

We start with an initial black and white draft and a “storyline”, adding extra details as the project progresses. This phase often proves to be especially valuable to the management team as it helps to creates greater clarity and understanding e.g. regarding the content of the strategy.

The solutions to be developed are then tested on focus groups before going into production for the rollout. This allows us to ensure that the learning objectives can be achieved consistently and without restrictions throughout the entire company.

We train the facilitators, most of which come directly from the company (train-the-trainer).

The rollout can be conducted “in one fell swoop” a so called “big bang” or
be introduced as a topdown “cascade”.

Additional services may also be provided, including

  • Employee surveys on the workshops
  • Reports on the change state of the organization
  • Creation of reports for company/department management, etc.

We do everything to make sure that you change management process runs smoothly!

Once the project has been completed, we appreciate your feedback.