Key Benefits

Our methodology will enable your employees to understand even the most complex strategic themes and their implications for their work in a short period of time.

Engages and aligns entire populations – consistently and fast

  • Significantly reduces resistance to change and creates commitment
  • Involves and challenges top management / senior management in creating consistent and coherent key messages – development process contributes to top management / senior management engagement and alignment
  • Creates deeper understanding of the cause and effect relationships of the value drivers of the business and the business results – consistently, organisation-wide
  • Creates a clear line of sight from the marketplace changes, to the strategy and what the changes mean for the individual
  • Changes mindsets and behaviours – as required by the new strategy
  • Enables to apply new insights to critical actions – which in effect are aligned with the strategy
  • Allows for ability to rapidly deploy new skills and capabilities – because people understand why and where to apply them

Ensures a powerful, interactive learning session – driving understanding

  • Not a top-down, one-way communication, telling process but a process of self-discovery among peers
  • People discover the conclusions of the Top Management and reach the same conclusions by themselves – which is much more powerful than just presenting conclusions and hoping that people would accept them
  • Reduces complexity, eliminates jargon and extraneous information, and connects the dots

Highly efficient

  • Reaches several thousands of employees quickly
  • Combines elements of communication, learning and training, change management and strategy
  • Allows to embed bottom-up feedback processes – enabling timely adjustments to the change and the people aspect of the change
  • Can be deployed in further learning and communication initiatives like on-boarding, leadership programs, etc.