We are glad to share with you some feedback we have received from projects:

  • Participants can grasp and understand key elements of the strategy in a way I have not seen before.
  • This session helped me to see the business model better. This will help me afterwards. I feel more comfortable with the next phase, transitioning to my role.
  • It was good to share experiences with other colleagues outside of my area. I would rate this learning experience as ‘a should do more often’, as it created a focus group by which we could discuss our understandings and experience.
  • I liked the interactive, game aspect. The interactive method allows everyone to be more involved. Less formal but gets the point across.
  • We should definitely look at creative formats for further training sessions that we plan to run and the success of this one has proved that the format works. I also think people understand and remember things better when there is visual representation.
  • Today’s session really helps me to understand the model in detail. I feel more confident going the next step.
  • Thomas and I worked together on a HR program within our bank. A segment of the SME market focused on the UK. We have 4000 staff and 550 000 customers. In this market our bank has the second largest market share and is the number 1 bank in the start-up market.  The program looked to embed the knowledge, values and behaviors needed for an innovative and strongly differentiated new strategy amongst our staff. Thomas and I worked together to develop the approach to communicate and embed the new strategy. My personal experience is that  the knowledge and experience he has drawn from a number of different companies, cultures and industries is broad and effective. He has strong communication skills and values and this allows him to be extremely challenging and get to the root cause of an issue and its resolution. Thomas was particularly notable for a can do attitude the whole focus is on getting the right resolution and the strong people skills that are so important in embedding any change. (Head of HR Business Banking, major bank in the UK).

And an evaluation of a global reorganization project we supported for a major German bank:

  • 86% of participants rated the workshop excellent or good
    About 84% stated that they were motivated to actively support the change process
  • 88% of the participants stated they understood the complexity of change better through the Engagement & Alignment Learning Solution than through other communication channels (e.g. e-mail, intranet, etc)
  • 88% of the participants would recommended to their colleagues to participate in the workshop