Initiate change

A differentiating, value-driving strategy is crucial for any company. Larger companies typically engage their corporate development departments and e.g. the “Big 5” consulting firms in strategy development. Smaller ones such as start-ups don’t have such departments and oftentimes not the skills, and also don’t have the budget to hiring larger consultancy firms.

The good news is that developing e.g. a strategy can be done in many ways. Actually the most effective is to strongly involve (senior) leaders and other internal subject matter experts in this process. This requires that the process is

  • Structured, i.e. steps, roles and responsibilities are clearly defined upfront,
  • Managed, and
  • Facilitated.

Xallax develops and facilitates customized strategy development workshops, enabling a senior management team to formulate e.g. a new strategy.

Through these workshops, the whole management team and their direct reports can influence the outcomes of the strategy development process directly, which increases their engagement and strategic alignment right from the beginning of the change.

As strategy process design and facilitation experts in strategy and change we can lead your team and other relevant experts using a powerful, structured, agile process and visualization. The outcome will not only be e.g. strategy, but also material that can be used to creating a solution for communication to your workforce, including new joiners.

The workshops are supported by a visual (detailed black and white sketch) and a structured series of questions, leading the management team through the workshop and touching all key aspects of the strategy. The questions are designed to facilitate shared thinking and dialogue about key themes related to the strategy and to guide activities such as evaluations, idea generation and prioritization.

In the preparation phase Xallax works with the champion of the strategy on content and the workshop material. We also mutually agree about the desired level of involvement of e.g. direct reports related to key aspects of the strategy.

The process is also very useful for Design Thinking approaches to concept or business process design as we for instance could visualize the customer journey(i.e. major touchpoints, value, preferences, emotions, etc. at the various channels) as is  and the desired future one (Customer Journey Mapping). Here however, we would highly recommend to involve other key stakeholders such as customers, users and suppliers as well.

Your benefits:

  • You can still focus on short-term priorities of your business, i.e. driving revenues through marketing, sales and relationship management, developing solutions, managing customer projects, developing employees, etc. and at the same time create your medium- und long-term future plans in an agile manner
  • You can deploy world-class strategy know how at reasonable cost
  • You will have a totally committed and aligned senior management team, which pulls on the same rope and speaks with one voice
  • You are equipped with key messages you want to get across in communication with your employees, and other stakeholders such as customers, banks, investors and external partners
  • You are prepared for efficient and effective implementation