We at Xallax help companies to initiating and embedding complex changes to their business. Our services and our customized solutions that are based on a worldleading methodology make the difference because they enable your company to change faster and more effectively.

For more than 10 years, we have been partnering with leading global companies and successfully helped them to capitalize on their strategy and change. Due to our methodology, which includes visualizing the change story, many of our clients were skeptical at the beginning of the project, but eventually turned into raving fans – without exemption. That’s why they come back again and again.

How valuable would it be to you if your company could link its strategy with the actions and behaviors of employees so that everyone is working from the same song sheet toward the same goals and with the least friction possible?


Initiating and implementing change in large organizations is not an easy task – especially not, if the change is fundamental, company- or group-wide and crosses borders and functions. Key success factors in these kinds of change situations are

  1. High levels of involvement of the senior management team in initiating and framing the change
  2. Dedicated management of the “People Workstream” of change – next to e.g. the IT and Process Workstreams
  3. Shared understanding about the why, what and how of change across the organization
  4. Team leads and employees are involved in implementation, have the skills to implement and act on the change
  5. Constant bottom-up and top-down communication during implementation and execution – enabling an agile strategy process with early refinements

We address these factors by a unique blend of business and people know-how Our solutions have proven successful in many large, global organizations.

Our Customers

We feel truly honored by the big names engaging us for their complex change and by their feedback:

  • Deutsche Bank
  • Berliner Bank
  • Svenska Cellulosa
  • Zurich Insurace Company
  • DB Cargo
  • Amgen
  • Grünenthal
  • ECE
  • DZ Bank Group
  • ……

Furthermore, our founder, owner and CEO Thomas Falk has previously managed related projects for major companies such as

  • TetraPak (S)
  • General Motors Powertrain (USA)
  • Standard Life Bank (UK)
  • Llodys TSB Bank (UK)
  • InBev (UK)
  • Discover Financial Services (USA)
  • DeTe Immobilien (D)
  • Oscar Mobile (CZ)

Thomas Falk is also engaged in working with start-ups – especially in digital -, artists and sports clubs on strategy development and implementation, brand, value proposition, customer satisfaction, business management and employee engagement.


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DB Cargo with entities across Europe redesigned its strategy that involved major changes, for instance regarding its governance, decision making and business processes, for all of these entities. The company knew from the beginning that without their combined effort of their 30,000 people they wouldn’t succeed. One of the key tasks to implementing the strategy therefore was to …

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What makes it Huawei so successful? As the saying goes, “Success has many fathers.” But as with many great companies, David de Cremer and Tian Tao find part of the solution to this puzzle by looking at the specific values that define the culture of Huawei. Having interviewed people working for Huawei, reading articles, letters …


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