Facilitating shared strategy development (Interview)

Facilitating shared strategy development (Interview)

I spoke with Tobias Weizel (at that time member of the Management Team of Amgen Deutschland GmbH and Head of Sales & Marketing Effectiveness -SME- Department) about the strategy development process of his team we supported. His direct reports were able to influence the outcomes of the strategy development process directly, which increased their engagement and strategic alignment significantly right from the beginning of the change.

 Xallax developed a strategy development workshop specifically for this purpose. The workshop consisted of a visual (detailed black and white sketch) and a structured series of questions, which led the team through the workshop, touching all aspects of the strategy. The questions were designed to facilitate shared thinking and dialogue about key aspects of the strategy and to guide activities such as evaluations, idea generation and prioritization. The workshop was facilitated by a Xallax team member. 

During the preparation Xallax worked with Tobias Weizel on the content for the workshop and the respective material. We also identified key themes related to the long-term corporate strategy of Amgen – to ensure alignment with its objectives -, and identified his desired level of involvement for key aspects of the sales and marketing strategy, determining the degree to which his direct reports could influence those aspects.


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